• Carlos Reynoso
    Carlos Reynoso Chief Operating Officer and Partner
  • Sandy Peck
    Sandy Peck Director Of Ticketing
  • Martin Martinez
    Martin Martinez Entertainment
  • Chandra Knee
    Chandra Knee Public Relations
  • Peter J. Novak
    Peter J. Novak General Counsel
  • Stephanie Eitnier
    Stephanie Eitnier Graphic Design
  • Joshua Cohen
    Joshua Cohen Social Media
  • Darrell Weaver
    Darrell Weaver Designer/Developer
  • Alan Proaño
    Alan Proaño Social Media
  • Roxie Amoroso
    Roxie Amoroso Brand Manager
  • Felix Fragoso
    Felix Fragoso Director of Latin Entertainment
  • Nick Phillips
    Nick Phillips Chief Technology Officer
  • Norma Jean Ortega
    Norma Jean Ortega Social Media/Photography
  • Ivan Barriento
    Ivan Barriento Software Developer
  • Misty Huff
    Misty Huff Executive Assistant
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