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Founded in 2013 by Darin Feinstein, Red Mercury Entertainment controls and runs entertainment at The Strat Hotel, Casino & Tower in Las Vegas with Golden Gaming, as well as has a theater, box office, and production at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino. Mr. Feinstein through Red Mercury is also a co-producer of many shows in Las Vegas with Caesars Entertainment, MGM, and Live Nation which have included J-LO, Britney Spears, Lionel Riche, Gwen Stefani, Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, and several others at MGM’s Park Theater, Planet Hollywood, and The Venetian.  Mr. Feinstein is also an owner and producer of several tribute shows currently operating inside casinos in Las Vegas including MJ Live (which has been running 7 days per week since 2010) and Purple Reign, a Prince Tribute show located at the Tropicana. Mr. Feinstein has over 1,000 employees across various companies and has worked closely with casinos for over a dozen years.


Box Office Management and Ticketing

  • Staff and manage day to day operations of all box offices on property and ticketed events
  • Contract all 3rd party channels such as brokers, timeshares and group sales
  • Contract all online and mobile channels such as Groupon, Goldstar and Living Social
  • Nightly ticket sale audits distributed to all parties involved
  • Show Ambassador visits to all brokers on a weekly basis to keep shows top of mind with the broker associates

TicketBAT Ticketing Platform

TicketBAT is Red Mercury Entertainment’s in-house ticketing platform. Listing shows on TicketBAT increases visibility and sales from online and mobile customers. TicketBAT’s one-of-a-kind user control panel provides detailed analytics and sales reporting. Physical TicketBAT outlets in Marianna’s grocery stores and other locations across Las Vegas help bring our roster of shows to new audiences. TicketBAT distributes rackcards throughout the valley at prime locations. TicketBAT’s email database acquisition program powered by Zenreach collects data from across Las Vegas and puts it to work cross-promoting our roster of shows. As part of Red Mercury Entertainment’s standard package, you will be listed on TicketBAT and have access to one email a month using the TicketBAT database.

Staff Management

  • Consult and review systems in place for the Front of House labor such as ticket takers and ushers and managing labor costs and any CBA’s in place.
  • Consult and review systems in place for Stage Hands and managing labor costs and any CBA’s in place.
  • Consult and review systems in place for Security and managing labor costs and any CBA’s in place.

Marketing, Advertising and PR

  • Prepare a strategic Media Plan that fits within budget and relative to show and its demo (Example “Exhibit B”)
  • Leverage media dollars and secure best promotions through all media partners.
  • Secure local, feeder market, national, and international PR opportunities
  • Strategic planning and management of opening show events such as Media/VIP/Brokers Night, Concierge Event, Taxi Day and the like.
  • Work with the casino marketing department to insure the objectives of the casino and the shows, by collaborating on special promotions and events.
  • Prepare a strategic Online Marketing plan that fits within budget and relative to show and its demo.
  • Prepare a strategic Social Media plan that fits within budget and relative to show and its demo.

Special Events and Promotions / Capture Marketing

Produce special events and promotions based on specific requirements such as seasonality (slow time of year), holidays, noteworthy conventions and casino events by working collaboratively with the casino marketing team.


Identify and negotiate potential sponsorships with appropriate brands for venue and or special events and residencies.

Talent Booking and Contracting

  • Contract negotiations and proposal preparation, with approval by client
  • Consistently establishing strong relationships with artist and artist management, show producers, senior level executives, colleagues and staff, contract personnel, vendors and clients
  • Expertise in preparing pro formas, budgeting and forecasting (Example “Exhibit A”)
  • Strategic Ticketing
  • Marketing and Brand Management

Inquire with Account Manager

As a preferred vendor with Red Mercury Entertainment, you have the option to utilize Red Mercury Entertainment’s full suite of services. Your Account Manager will provide you with a tailored service package to meet the unique needs of your show.

Broker & Timeshare Relations

As a preferred vendor, you have the option to increase the frequency of broker, timeshare, and call center visits to as high as three times a week. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis to schedule additional appreciation nights at an offsite sister property on or off the Strip with no additional mark up on event costs

In-House Public Relations

Red Mercury Entertainment’s in-house public relations department is at your disposal for additional requests on a per project basis.

Media Placement

Red Mercury Entertainment can leverage our unique relationships as a boutique marketing company to place affordable media in traditional, digital, outdoor, and social media markets.

Graphic Design

As a preferred vendor, Red Mercury Entertainment’s graphic design team can handle all graphic design requests including creative ideation, show admat, brand standard guidelines, advertising, signage, digital graphics, broker graphics, rack cards, promotional material, billboards, and more up to 10 hours a month.


Red Mercury Entertainment can provide photographers to shoot show creative in-studio as well as live photography and venue photography.

Web Design

Red Mercury Entertainment’s in-house web development team can create a micro-site for the show that includes all relevant show descriptions, ticketing links, photos, videos, social media links, and contact information. We can also cross-promote the show on our related web properties.


Red Mercury Entertainment can provide videographers to capture show b-roll and assemble footage into 15, 30, and 60 second sizzle reels.


Red Mercury Entertainment can establish a turn-key merchandising operation to generate sales before and after show times. Red Mercury Entertainment can help develop, produce, and sell products on property and through our online sales channels.


  • Darin Feinstein Managing Member
  • Carlos Reynoso
    Carlos Reynoso Chief Operating Officer and Partner
  • Martin Martinez
    Martin Martinez Entertainment


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