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    Darin Feinstein

    Red Mercury Entertainment LLC was founded by innovator, technology advocate, and entrepreneur Darin Feinstein in 2013 under Black Star Investments. Feinstein, owner and managing partner of Red Mercury, is a venture capitalist with high profile investments, digital assets, and operations across multiple industries including entertainment production, real estate, and technology. With Red Mercury, Feinstein produces and manages shows for world-class talent at the most sought-after venues in Las Vegas. An investor and philanthropist in Las Vegas, Feinstein connects success and innovation to community uplift. 

    Feinstein’s investments and innovations in the restaurant and entertainment fields have created jobs and brought sought-after performers like Jerry Seinfeld and Lady Gaga to Las Vegas stages. Feinstein has guided Red Mercury to become a full-service production company. The entertainment house offerings include, but are not limited to talent booking, merchandising, ticket sales, marketing, and post-production work. Under Red Mercury, Feinstein created his own ticketing platform, and he is the owner and producer of audience-favorite tribute shows “MJ Live” and “Purple Reign.”

    In 2020, Feinstein founded Blockcap Inc, an innovative blockchain technology and digital asset mining company in North America. Blockcap’s brain trust drew top talent, combining decades of experience in technology, policy, and regulatory leadership regarding blockchain. In 2021, Blockcap merged with Core Scientific, a leading infrastructure technology company for Bitcoin and blockchain-related services. As Founder and Chairman of Core Scientific, Feinstein is helping transform the United States into a central global powerhouse in blockchain-related ventures.

    Who is Darin Feinstein?

    Beyond Blockcap, Core Scientific, and Red Mercury, Feinstein founded Black Star Investments in 2012 to solidify his portfolio of holdings which grew to include live entertainment production, restaurants, and real estate investments. Since 2000, Feinstein has expanded his investment portfolios in real estate development to capitalize on entitlement opportunities, developing large-scale residential and retail projects as well as managing apartment buildings.

    The origins of Feinstein’s involvement in Bitcoin mining began in 2012. At that time, Blockcap and Core Scientific leaders, including Feinstein, began to recombine the best assets and aspects of a handful of companies at the forefront of Bitcoin mining. Under Feinstein, Core Scientific is poised to become one of the largest growing hash powers on the North American continent

    Feinstein’s Philanthropy

    Feinstein’s philanthropy has roots in the Las Vegas community, where since 2013 Feinstein has brought visibility and support to The Shade Tree Organization. Shade Tree is a nonprofit 501(c)3 with a mission to provide shelter and safety for women and their children, as they free themselves from abuse. Alongside Eddie Griffin, he also started the Feinstein & Griffin Foundation, a nonprofit that brings educational opportunities to disadvantaged youth. Other organizations Feinstein has personally supported include Las Vegas Rescue, SafeNest, Keep Memory Alive, and Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health – Las Vegas.

    Keep Up 

    Keep up with tech industry thought leader, Darin Feinstein’s, latest insights on technology developments, investments, and philanthropy on his website. Connect on social: Darin Feinstein’s professional profile on LinkedIn and @darinfeinstein on Twitter.

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